Augmented Reality for Business: Benefits and Applications

The future of speed dating might be waiting under the family Christmas Tree, if someone special buys a Microsoft HoloLens. The company has recently made calls for app makers to design augmented reality programs for their new AR device, and one of these programs is sure to be a dating solution. Augmented Reality is much more interesting for matchmakers and single people than Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality is exploratory in nature therefore perfect for futuristic or historic walking tours where participants have special viewing devices. Today most AR is viewed through smartphones which present an augmented view of reality on screen; with augmented reality apps, people may see 3D visions of the future or period photos of the past laid over top of the real-life scenery. Or they could see Pokemon characters. In theory, daters who meet in virtual reality environments would have no obligation to assume any likeness of their own bodies in their avatars. The idea of people misrepresenting themselves online using digitally deceitful self portraiture is a popular theme in Hollywood movies and cable television shows. It will only get worse with VR. Microsoft HoloLens is the best known AR prototype today.

Tinder Might Soon Let Users ‘Catch’ Dates Like Pokémon Go And It’s Proof The World Has Gone Mad

Pokemon Go opened windows for augmented reality technology. It is the first game to deliver the augmented reality experience to the masses and people loved it. Flirtar has upped the game.

This trend made it into mobile apps too, with extremely successful examples like Badoo or Tinder – they are simple yet effective. However.

FlirtAR uses facial recognition, geolocation, and augmented reality to help you find the love of your life. The dating app will be available on both iOS and Android devices and it uses facial recognition and geolocation data to find your matches. Imagine you are out in the city and you see someone that catches your eye. You then point your phone at them and if they are also a registered user then their profile data and likely compatibility are displayed. If you like what you see, you can instantly send a message, and hope they have push notifications enabled!

From there you can hopefully take the flirtation into real time. The app is marketed as being less of a time waster than other apps that encourage a lot of back and forth of messages before meeting up IRL. The execution of the app sounds a little clumsy. Pointing your phone at someone while trying to be subtle doesn’t seem the best way to start a romance.

While the facial recognition part of the software does sound exciting we are curious to see just how accurate it is. Trying to capture and recapture someone’s face before you’ve even spoken to them is pretty weird. The last possible flaw of the app is that it requires you to go out in the world and look for potential matches. This is exactly the reason why online dating took off in the first place.

This might be a bit of a barrier for the shy types out there.

Dating app uses AR to make your search for love even weirder

Prompt Dating believes support for videos in Dating App dating allow to better show augmented you really are, by sharing augmented or memorable moments and activities from your lives. Get the best videos from people all over the world. Prompt allows you this measure compatibility with other users dating making any decision.

Loco. Tinder-like location-based dating app. Tinder-like location-based.

Imagine how your life would be different if you had timely solutions at your fingertips. Your augmented reality app as your ultimate tour guide — no need for lengthy information search, preliminary bookings or planning your itinerary in advance. Remember your childhood sensations? The desire of adventure, the excitement of discovery, the magic of make-believe. Sounds like a fairy-tale? But every artifact and event was once just an idea. The augmented revolution is here and your competitors have already been on it for quite a while.

Feels like your business is missing out on something? How can we justify mass adoption of AR apps? The popularity of AR technology is attributed to the fact that humans, as experiential creatures, enjoy novelty.

12 hot augmented reality ideas for your business

You are shopping for a shirt and trying on a couple to decide which one suits you better. Or taking a tour of an apartment in Porto you want to rent this summer. Or what if you are in the market for a new coffee table and instead of flipping through pictures in magazines, you want to see how it looks in your living room. These are all possible scenarios we might encounter at one point or another. Now imagine you can do it from the comfort of your own home without having to visit any of those places.

AR and VR applications.

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The forthcoming dating product says it connects singles using three pieces of technology — augmented reality, geo-location and facial recognition. It works like this — after downloading and opening the augmented reality app, the dating service will show you which people in the real world have profiles on the app. When clicked, it shows their compatibility rating, along with their name, age, interests, and a short bio. If you register your interest, they get a notification, and if they accept, you can strike up a conversation.

The app was founded by year-old Brazilian entrepreneur Renan Godinho, who previously founded job platform Easy Emprego in They spend hours and hours of their valuable time looking for someone they never meet. FlirtAR technology saves time and money by allowing people to meet organically, in the real world, and in real time. Privacy is obviously a massive issue for an app like this, and FlirtAR said it has put systems in place to ensure user safety.

This includes that the app will never show a profile to an unregistered user, and every member must both log into the app via a social network, and go through a double-verification process to validate their profile and personal information. You can also use the app in invisible mode, which allows you to browse the profiles of others, but not be visible to them.

Development for the AR dating app began in March , and the company said the app will be available to download for iOS on September 30th, and Android on October 30th. Find out more about the forthcoming dating app here.

Dating app uses augmented reality to find a match

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1) AR Dating. Online dating is a million dollar industry in current times. New apps with interesting innovations are being accepted by the society.

Augmented Reality AR makes the real-life environment around us into a digital interface by putting virtual objects in real-time. Augmented Reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on the top of it unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment. Augmented Reality can be seen through a variety of experiences. Recent developments have made this technology accessible using a smartphone which led to development of wide varity of augmented reality apps.

There are various uses of AR software like training, work and consumer applications in various industries including public safety, healthcare, tourism, gas and oil, and marketing. We have collected 8 examples of augmented reality apps and how they can impact the future of mobile technology. Know how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can blend together.

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Case Study. Tinder-like location-based dating app. Messenger platform with local services, chatbots, communities and e-wallet. Digital innovation in emerging technologies has the capabilities to scale digital impact for businesses and organizations. Nambasoft is dedicated to performance-focused app development, augmented reality, web design, and digital marketing. See some of their testimonials here.

Would you use an AR dating app? The app I’m using, Flirtar, is the first to use augmented reality (AR), but there are several.

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